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Hear from some happy clients!

A.A., Cambridge: "There is a science to organizing and Jen Hunter has mastered it."

B.I., Arlington: Jen doesn't push ideas on you, or tell you what you can and cannot keep. She works with what you have and what your priorities are. I have ADD, so I'm interested in organization but don't always have the focus to finish the job. She was gentle about helping me to keep on task. Sometimes I took the lead in making decisions, while she physically organized things and sometimes it was the other way around, depending on the mood or difficulty of the task for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for this kind of help in their lives."

C. H., Somerville: "After our basement flooded, we had to sort through the ruined things and document what was beyond hope, clean what could be salvaged, and restore the basement to order. We wanted to go beyond that, actually, and make the basement more organized in general. Jen Hunter came in and helped us make tough decisions about what to keep and what to toss. She also helped make our basement layout much more sensible--things like keeping the freezer near the bottom of the stairs because we use it most often, and putting all the camping supplies on the same shelving unit. She worked very hard to help us find everything a proper place. She helped us donate things, and was very devoted to recycling what couldn't be reused. It worked out perfectly for us."

C.S., Natick:
"Jen is quite simply fabulous at what she does. What a difference three hours of work can make. She is creative about solutions, never forces you to get rid of anything (although she does make is clear when she thinks you should), and finds creative ways to organize and arrange what you do keep. She is very personable and easy to talk to while working. I highly recommend her and intend to keep using her myself."

G.K., Arlington: "Jen gets right to work and can help you not only to put things in order but help organize workflow in personal office space, make decisions regarding removal of unneeded items, and bring one's focus back to one's goals (as opposed to being overwhelmed with trying to manage an excess of miscellaneous items)."

H.S., Malden: "I look at the clear counter, and hardly anything now on the counter, and I feel like a rock star (with Jen's help). That was a great feeling of accomplishment."

J.K., Wilmington, DE: "I loved that Jen didn't dive in right away. Instead, she took the time to understand why I was disorganized, and how I envisioned my space. Best of all, she developed an ongoing plan for how I can keep the space organized after she left. What a difference it made! I didn't feel weird inviting this person into my house and telling her about my disorganization; Jen is very respectful, open, positive, and non-judgmental. I thought I'd be nervous, but I wasn't at all. It is more than three years later since she helped me out, and I still find her tips and tricks invaluable. Hire her; you will be so happy you did."

J.M., Cambridge: “I never thought I could get through all my clutter, but with Jen's help I am finally making progress. Hiring her has been one of the best things I've ever done!”

J.M., Philadelphia, PA: 
I had clutter. Well, actually, I still do. But I hired Jen to help me tackle my (really big) basement. And, honestly, there is no clutter in that area anymore--at all. It took all day to tackle that one room. But, man, those results have stuck for years. We created a good system and that system keeps on working. I want Jen back for other areas in my office, my wife's office for sure. Anyway...I had clutter. With Jen on the case, the areas we addressed were permanently fixed. Thanks."


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