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Before, During, and After Pictures


CSLRBefore-M.JPG    CS-LR-everafter-M.JPG

JHDeskBef-M.JPG     JHDeskAft-M.JPG

JVDeskBef-M.JPG    JVDeskDur-M.JPG   JVDeskAft-M.JPG

JHCabinet1Bef-M.JPG     JHCabinet1Aft-M.JPG

RMdeskbefore-m.JPG     RMdeskduring-m.JPG    RMdeskafter-m.JPG

counter1-m.JPG        counter3-m.JPG
In this session, I had already removed a bunch of items from the cabinets before I remembered to take the "before" photo;
that's why they seem fuller in the
"after" photo!

counter2-m.JPG        counter4-m.JPG

SP1-m.JPG      SP6-m.JPG
This is an example of a not-quite-finished space; there are still many items to the right that need to go somewhere else, either to another room or to donation, but they are sorted, and this shows you what we can accomplish in one session.

SP2-m.JPG        SP5-m.JPG
This is a pretty dramatic example. We also organized the cabinets above and the drawer below,
and many of the items went in there, but many were also thrown away.

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