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About Jen Hunter

JenIlanaAndrew-m.jpgMy Career History:

I have always been naturally organized.
I volunteered in my local library at age 13 because I loved alphabetizing the books. I was even one of those rare teenagers with a neat bedroom. In college, I was an english major. I narrowly escaped the fate of teaching high school english, but I was kind of fuzzy on what other sort of work my expert skill in literature analysis might qualify me for. After college, I spent some time working in bookstores (B. Dalton, and my personal favorite The Montclair Book Center), and then spent several years as a writer and editor, both employed and freelance. I wrote four non-fiction books on NeoPaganism, but that career had no future, as there weren't enough of us Pagans and we don't tend to have a lot of money anyway. In 2003, I was getting bored with writing, and I noticed that on my breaks from writing, I was re-organizing my closets for fun. Around this time I began helping friends get organized, and I realized that perhaps strangers would pay me to do the same for them. Then I dove in, and my business has been growing ever since.

Why Do I Organize?

Sure, the act of creating order out of chaos is intrinsically satisfying to me. But I also have a goal. I organize for myself because I want to be able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I organize for other people because (they pay me, it's fun, and) it is a powerful kind of transformational magic. When I help them release their excess stuff, it opens the space for them to move,  not just physically, but in every way. When I help them clarify what they need, use, and love, it helps them understand what's important to them, so they can see what they most need and want to do next. I love cutting away the excess clutter and giving people room to breathe. I love making it easier for them to find their stuff, use their stuff, enjoy their stuff. Also, I just think people are interesting and their stuff is interesting.

My Personal Life

I'm 43 years old, and I'm a virgo (surprise, surprise). I live in West Medford, Massachusetts, with my partner Andrew and my daughter Ilana.

Stuff I Like to Do

I make art (and even sell it sometimes, too). I listen to NPR and Kate Bush. I play word games (warning: audio will start, but it's my favorite game, so I forgive them). I read action-adventure time-travel historical romance. I shop at thrift stores and yard sales. I look at stupid and random stuff on the Internet. Also, I have designed this entire website by myself, using the free program KompoZer!

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