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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious cat is curious.

What does a professional organizer do?

Professional organizers work with clients to create clarity and order in their spaces. We....
Clarify the client's priorities and goals
Identify the client needs and desires for each space
Help the client release objects they no longer need
Arrange belongings in a way that's esthetically pleasing and makes sense to the client
Create systems to streamline the process of living in the space and to easily maintain it

How much experience do you have?

I've been organizing for fun (yes, fun!) my entire life. I began doing it professionally in 2003, joined NAPO in
2007, and have considered organizing my main career since 2008. 

How much do you charge?

My hourly rate varies depending on how many hours you purchase in advance:
One three-hour session = $270, or $90 per hour
12-hour package (about 3 or 4 sessions) = $950, or about $79 per hour
24-hour package (about 6 to 8 sessions) = $1700, or about $71 per hour

How long do sessions last?

Most sessions are either three or four hours long. Two-hour sessions are possible if you live close by.

How does all this work, anyway?

I have a whole page about that! Go look at it.

Are you going to make me throw away all my stuff?

Not even close.
  1. You are the boss. I work for you.
  2. Your stuff belongs to you, and hiring me doesn't change that.
  3. Stuff is great to have! I have stuff! I enjoy my stuff! I do not want or expect my clients to live like Zen monks (unless maybe someday I actually get hired by a Zen monk. That would be cool).
BUT--and you knew there'd be a "but"--my job is to help you creatively manage your stuff so it reflects who you are, and enhances your life. This could mean moving things, adding things, or shedding things. If I perceive that some items are getting in your way, I will gently encourage you to pass them on to someone else. (Between Goodwill, Freecycle, Craigslist, and recycling, I try to avoid throwing things in the garbage whenever possible.) I try very hard to be empathic and work at whatever speed is comfortable for you.

Who won't you work with?
  • I will not organize any things or spaces that belong to a person who is not consenting to the process.
  • I do not usually work with people who have been diagnosed with a hoarding disorder. If you would like to hire an organizer who specializes in that area, go to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization's referral page.
  • I will not work in spaces that smell strongly of excrement (human or animal).
  • I will not work in spaces with bedbugs.

Will you do cleaning too?

In houses where there is a lot of clutter, the process of organizing often uncovers and kicks around a lot of dust, pet hair, and sometimes just plain dirt. As we go, I do a surface cleaning to keep the working area pleasant, but in general, I recommend doing a thorough cleaning after we're done, either by yourself or by hiring a housecleaner. I can hook you up.

I have some... um... sort of personal... things...

I am not easily shocked by items of a personal nature. I will happily organize absolutely anything, as long as it's not illegal or hazardous.

Do you have references?
Yep. See my Testimonials page, or email me if you'd like to talk directly with one of my past or current clients.

You sound fabulous! What's your email address so I can hire you right away?
(Okay, that one may not be as frequently asked as the other ones, but it ought to be!)

Why, thank you! 
Here it is.

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