Hi! Jen Hunter here.


You may be wondering, where did my organizing page go?

Find Your Floor
was my professional organizing business from approximately 2003 to 2018. Unfortunately, I had to stop doing this kind of work in 2018 due to my chronic illness (CFS/ME).

To see what I'm doing these days, please visit Jennifer Hunter Art. If you were a client,
you may see some of your ex-clutter in my assemblages. Email me if you want to be added to my very low-volume art email list.

I am currently referring clients to two organizers. Please tell them I sent you; I get a little cut, which as you can imagine, is helpful!

Siegel, of Clear Your Space, is a seasoned organizer based in Cambridge, with a calm and friendly demeanor. She has seen it all, and is unflappable. We have worked side-by-side many times.

Erin Bronner, of Erin Does!, is young, cheerful, and has an astounding amount of energy. She is based in Medford. I met her when I hired her to be my wedding planner, and have worked with her several times since then.

It was a great fifteen years. Thanks, everyone.